Business Certificate of Deposits

Business Certificate of Deposits

CDs are one of the safest and most simple ways to earn interest. Various terms, ranging from 91 days to 60 months, are available to meet your financial needs. Minimum balance required to open a Certificate of Deposit is $500.

  • 91 day
  • 182 day
  • 12 month
  • 18 month
  • 24 month
  • 30 month

Click here for interest rate and annual percentage yield (APY) information.

After the CD is opened, you may not make additions into the account until the maturity date stated on the account. You may make withdrawals of principal from your CD prior to maturity, but the withdrawals are subject to early withdrawal penalties.

Penalties for early withdrawal based on the term of the CD.

  • Up to 12 month – 30 days' interest calculated on the amount withdrawn.
  • 12 - 30 month – 90 days' interest calculated on the amount withdrawn.

To open a business CD, you must provide a tax ID number and business documents.