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First National Bank Loan Officers serve the Bastrop, Cedar Creek, Elgin, Smithville, and Austin areas, and can help you achieve your business goals. Visit with a knowledgeable business banker to discuss appropriate financing options.

Commercial Office Building

Commercial Real Estate

Whether you're expanding, relocating, or buying a commercial building, we'll customize a wide range of commercial real estate loans to fit your situation and your business goals.

Stack of Money

Lines of Credit

Purchase additional inventory, increase working capital, finance company growth, cover unexpected expenses, or simply meet seasonal, fluctuating cash needs. A business line of credit offers a more affordable alternative to high interest rate credit cards and the flexibility to borrow what you need when you need it.

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Equipment Loans

We can help finance the equipment you need to streamline your operations, keep up with technology, and stay competitive.

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Personal Financial Statement

  • Beneficial Ownership

    Effective May 11, 2018, all banks will be subject to a new rule under the Bank Secrecy Act intended to assist the government and law enforcement in the ongoing fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. When an account is opened on behalf of a business, or covered legal entity such as a corporation, a limited liability company, a general or limited partnership, or a business trust, we will be required to ask you for certain identifying information of the “beneficial owners” of the business, regardless of whether or not the beneficial owners are owners or signers of the account.

    What does this mean for you and your business? Each time an account is opened, whether it be a new deposit account or a new loan, the bank will be required to ask you for identifying information on account owners as well as identification documentation for the beneficial owners of the business. The rule defines a beneficial owner as:

    • EACH individual that has 25% or more of the equity interest in the business; and
    • ONE individual that has the authority to exercise control of the legal entity (such as a CEO, executive officer, or treasurer)

    What type of identifying information will be requested? You will be required to provide the following documentation and to certify that this information is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Date of Birth
    • Social Security Number
    • Proof of Identity (for example, a copy of the individual’s Driver’s License or Passport)

    If your business has Beneficial Owners as described above who are not currently account owners, we recommend that you obtain this information and keep it current and available to present each time you come in to establish a new account or update an existing account.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

  • Business Manager

    More than 30,000 financially healthy small to medium-sized businesses across the United States have discovered that Business Manager is the key to running and growing their business more effectively.

    Business Manager puts your operations on an all-cash basis by providing working capital for your receivables from a local bank. By bridging the gap between your accounts payable due now and the accounts receivable your customers won’t remit for 30 days or more, this successful program positions your company to:

    • Realize growth opportunities
    • Extend credit terms
    • Take advantage of supplier discounts
    • Reduce debt
    • Operate with confidence
    • Pay bills timely
    • Build strong vendor relationships

    With Business Manager, your company also will received detailed management reports with important information on aged receivables, customer balances, credit applications, and more.

    A Business Constrained by Cash Flow Shortages A Business Utilizing Business Manager
    Experiences obstacles to growth Converts frozen assets into cash to support growth
    Misses prompt payment discounts from suppliers Lowers the cost of goods and increases profit margins
    Needs predictable cash flow Eases uncertainty about daily cash fluctuations
    Averse to debt Manages cash rather than debt
    Wants to offer competitive extended payment terms Offers a variety of flexible payment terms
    Has collectible, but slow-paying receivables Sells to large corporations and government entities that typically pay slowly
    Operates inefficiently Uses electronic commerce to minimize tasks
    Spends too much time on financial matters Uses time to manage business opportunities
    Constrained by cash flow and borrowing limits Gains additional funds with greater risk

    Industries that have profited from improved cash flow


    • Lumber & Wood Products
    • Industrial & Commercial Machines
    • Fabricated Metal Products
    • Tool & Die
    • Apparel
    • Textile Mill Products
    • Medical Instruments & Apparatus
    • Paper Products
    • Furniture & Fixtures
    • Rubber & Plastics

    Business Services

    • Temporary Services
    • Staffing Services
    • Graphic & Display Designers
    • Land Surveyors
    • Building Maintenance
    • Engineering
    • Safety Equipment Services & Supplies
    • Technical & Computers
    • Support Providers

    Wholesale Distributors

    • Medical & Hospital Equipment
    • Electrical & Plumbing Supplies
    • Printing & Publishing
    • Paper Products
    • Industrial Components & Supplies

    Natural Gas & Oil Services

    • Water Supply Trucks
    • Drilling & Mining Equipment Suppliers
    • Fuel Distribution
    • Roustabouts
    • Vacuum Truck Services
    • Well Testing & Servicing
    • Safety Equipment & Training

    Transportation & Trucking

    • Heavy Trucking & Hauling
    • Light Trucking & Hauling
    • Movers

    Automotive Services

    • Tire Dealers
    • Automobile Parts
    • Auto & Truck Repair & Service

    How would improved A/R timing impact your cash balances?

    Average A/R Balance


    Average Monthly Sales


    Resulting Average A/R Turn

    50 days

    For every day your business could improve its turn of accounts receivable, you could increase your average cash balance by $5,000.

    Imagine converting your existing receivables into cash in as little as 24 hours. Then you would be managing cash rather than waiting for your clients to pay.

    Cash flow is fundamental to every business and managing it can be stressful. Business Manager helps alleviate that stress by funding your invoices the next day, making your business more successful and your nights more restful.

    Is Business Manager right for you?

    The best way to find out is by talking briefly with one of our Business Manager specialists by calling 512-321-2561. Within a few minutes, you’ll know if the program is right for you.