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Online & Mobile Banking Upgrade

Beginning August 11, we will be launching some exciting new updates in Online Banking to better serve our customers. Get ready for an improved user experience and enhanced tools for Consumer & Business Banking.


Earlier this year our website transited to .bank from .com for security purposes. The next phase of this transition is the online banking website. If you usually login through the bank’s website, you probably won’t notice the change. However, if you have the online banking login saved to your favorites, you’ll want to be sure and update to the new URL after we go live.


Mobile users will now have the option to select mobile push notifications for online banking alerts. Users will have to opt-in and can disable at any time. If enabled, users will be able to view the notification from their mobile device’s lock screen. After logging in, you will be presented with a speedbump. Click "Allow" to register the device ID and enable push notifications for Security Alerts.


Mobile users will now have the option to view the account balance on the first five accounts in their online banking account summary prior to login. Users will have to opt-in and can disable this feature at any time. While this makes it very convenient to see the available balance without having to login first, users will want to make sure appropriate security features are enabled on their mobile device prior opting-in for this feature. Unless your device is password protected, anyone who picks up your phone can tap on the app and see your account balances.

To enable, simply navigate to the SETTINGS page and toggle the Quick Balance switch ON.

NOTE: Face/Touch ID will not be impacted by this new tool. 

For questions or more details, please give us a call: 512-321-2561

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