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Financial Caregiving Resource Guide

As the U.S. population ages, older Americans will need help navigating through their financial futures—including planning for expenses, recognizing and avoiding financial exploitation, and more.

FNB woud like to help the seniors in our community—and their caregivers—recognize the stages of cognitive decline, and what responsibilities caregivers have with the American Banker's Association's newest resource, Financial Caregiving: Planning for Stages of Cognitive Decline.

The guide is designed to help caregivers understand their roles, including:

  • Getting Started: Reviews taking on financial caregiving, obtaining legal authority, and making legal preparations for the future. 
  • The Three Stages of Cognitive Decline: Outlines caregiver responsibilities during each stage of cognitive decline—early, middle, and late.
  • Resources: Identifies organizations and other national, state, and local sources that may be helpful to caregivers.
  • Assembling Fiduciary Information Worksheet: Helps caregivers easily categorize the financial information they need to fulfill their duties.

Click to Download the Financial Caregiving Resource Guide